And I thought it was just a stupid waste of time

I have always thought that Facetime was a solution in search of a problem.  I feel kind of goofy when I use it to talk with someone else, I don’t think that it adds much to the conversation.  I also think that Facebook live, Snapchat and all the other livestreaming apps are a virtual hand grenade without a pin.  As soon as you are not paying attention, you are going to do something stupid with it, it is going to blow up in your face and change the rest of your life,  probably not in a good way.

My opinion about livestreaming apps just changed.  I was eating an ice cream in a little shop in Staunton when I say this gentleman doing sign language with someone on the other side of a livestreaming app.  I guess what for someone is just a waste of time is life changing for someone else.