I like old stuff

I don’t know why I gravitate to old things when I am taking pictures.  Old cars, old technologies like typewriters, old people.  It may be that it is a symptom of some sort of a midlife crisis.

In my life I have seen more than a few technologies go the way of the dodo bird.  Rotary disc telephones, analog telephones, public phones. Telex machines (yes I saw one used in my father’s office), fax machines.  35mm film cameras, polaroid cameras. Betamax videos, VHS videos, Blue Ray videos. Cassette tapes, open reel tapes, 78 rpm records, 33 rpm records.


I think that it is my head telling me I am getting old.  Expiration day is approaching.

Either that or old stuff just looks cool.   Or both.


Old pick up truck. Hot springs Va. Nikon D7100. 35mm f/1.8