If you are a nurse, thank you.

I was looking though some old magazines today (like 1945 old) and just clipping out interesting pictures that I am going to scan and use later (still don’t know for what) when I ran into this illustration of a nurse.

I love the old nurse’s uniform with the white dress and cap.  When I have spoken with nurses that work with me they either love it or hate it.  For most, the last time they used it was at their nursing school graduation and some have never had to wear it.  Cap and uniform issue aside, I think that we need to give our nurses way more respect than they get today.  They take care of our patients 24 hours a day while most of us physicians will visit with our patients for a very brief period of time and then walk away.  They have to put up with a lot of stuff.

In the last 20 years (which is how long I have been practicing medicine) I have seen their job not just get harder but turn into an actual nightmare.  They still have to take care of the patients just like before but now they also have to take care of the stupid computers.  Every pill has to be scanned, every interaction with the patient documented.  They spend more time charting useless information in the computer than interacting with people and I am sure they did not decide to go into nursing school to click drop down lists and fill in text boxes.  I feel really bad for them.  (I also feel really bad for us doctors because we have suffered exactly the same problem but that rant is reserved for a different day).

I guess this picture just reminded me of a different time in the practice of medicine.  To all my nurse friends, thank you for taking care of our patients and for putting up with me for the last 20 years.


3 thoughts on “If you are a nurse, thank you.

  1. Andi

    Thank you Dr. Barbara!

    Bedside medicine has changed so much – which is why I think so many leave the profession or at least don’t stay in one area for too long. Computer technology is great and can help us do great things – but it has taken away the greatest thing of all and that’s time.

  2. admin Post author

    Yes Andi, we have traded face to face time for screen time. Not a good thing.

  3. Heather

    Your Welcome! Thank you for being the approachable doctor, coworker, and friend. Your attitude toward nursing is what makes us feel like we are on the same team.

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