Shame on me.

So as promised I will try to write a blog entry every day.  This is the first day and I was already making excuses not to do it but here I am.  I would like to share something I ran into by accident recently.  While watching Youtube I ran into an interview that Chase Jarvis did to Dr. Brene’ Brown.  Chase Jarvis is a commercial photographer with a large amount of content in Youtube but he is very engaging when he interviews someone and Dr. Brown, whom I had never heard of is a “shame researcher”.  I think that she is really on to something.

Below are two links, one is to a 20 minute TedTalk that she gave on shame and the other one is to the longer interview she did with Chase Jarvis.  I think that both are very interesting.  Please let me know what you think.


Ted Talk

Chase Jarvis Interview