Working in a small town.

This week will be my last week working at Bath Community Hospital.  I have worked here for two and a half years.  I started working here almost by accident.  I was hired as a locum tenens physician in a hurry by the hospital and then accepted a contract to work on a permanent basis as a hospitalist.

Working 7 days at a time in this little town and then going back home to Miami for another 7 days has given me the opportunity to compare and contrast two completely different ways of living in the United States.  I have to say that people here in Bath County are good hearted people.  I am used to living with certain degree of anonymity but in a town this seize it is not possible. Everyone knows who everyone is, who they are related to, who is having problems and who is not.  The community sticks together and they help each other.  They are a good example to follow.

I am thankful for the time I have spent here, I wish all my friends in Bath County the best of luck and I will miss you.

Joaquin Barbara MD


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